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Google developing CPUs in-house for its 2023 Chromebook and tablets

Google is reportedly designing custom processors for its 2023 Chromebooks and tablet computers. But it might run into supply chain problems.

Texas Instrument's New DC/DC Buck-Boost Converters Can Make IIoT Projects Better

Texas instruments’ DC-DC buck-boost converter can extend IIoT equipment battery life by 50 percent.

3 Reasons CEOs Must Digitalize Supply Chains in 2020

How does digitizing the supply chain help a CEO maintain a brand's reputation? The two are far more intertwined than you may realize. Read on to learn more.

Optimizing New Product Introduction in a Post-Coronavirus Landscape

Navigating procurement is difficult in the post-coronavirus landscape; especially with NPIs to introduce. Learn how to create a flow with Sourcengine.

Two Industry Disrupting Digitalization Tools for Tomorrow’s Supply Chain

The electronic components supply chain relies upon traceability and document security. Now, two new technologies will make this easier and more secure.

OpenTitan Partners Release First Open-Source Chip to Commercial Market

The latest hardware RoT chip is community-accessible, ensuring security (perhaps paradoxically) through transparency.

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